Burke County Facts

Often dubbed the "Bird Dog Capital of the South", Burke County is known for it's fertile fields and its truly unique woodlands. It has a tremendous agricultural basis, producing soybeans, grains, cotton, and peanuts. It has many large farms throughout its large expanse. Its excellent site characteristics have contributed to its large production of timber, pulp, and other forest resources. It has tremendous interest from hunters throughout the United States. Burke County is the second largest county in Georgia. It has a rich history that dates back to the 1730s.

Phone Directory

Tax Assessor (706)-554-2607

Tax Commissioner (706)-554-3223

Sherriff `s Department (706)-554-2133

Clerk of Court (706)-554-2279

Superintendent of Roads (706)-554-3124

Health Department (706)-554-3456

Superintendent of Schools (706)-554-5101

County Agent (706)-554-2119

Building Inspections (706)-554-8758

Chief Magistrate (706)-554-4281

Georgia Forestry (706)-554-2310

US Dept of Agriculture (706)-554-2109

web site: www.burkecountyga.net

County Demography

Population (2001) 22,591

Square miles 835

Total Acres 534,400

Timberland in acres 338,700

Population per square mile 27.05

Per capita income $18,698

Millage Rate(2000) 20.05

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Ranking among 159 Counties

(1 best 159 worst)

Unemployment 140

Rank of High School Graduation % 128

Per Capita Income 113

Master Economic Rank 61

Tax Rate 22

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