McDuffie County Facts

Nestled in an area dubbed "Classic South", McDuffie County provides a mixture of rolling hills and fertile fields. It is noted for its rich traditions such as the Belle Meade Hunt, where horseback fox hunting still exists as a sport. Thomson provides classic charm with progressive growth. Clarke Hill Lake touches part of the county and provides recreation and tourism. I-20 and an improved airport, make the county a center for transportation.

Phone Directory

Tax Assessor (706)-595-2128

Tax Commissioner (706)-595-2132

Sherriff `s Department (706)-595-2043

Clerk of Court (706)-595-2134

Superintendent of Roads (706)-595-2591

Health Department (706)-595-1740

Superintendent of Schools (706)-595-1918

County Agent (706)-595-1815

Building Inspections (706)-595-3555

Chief Magistrate (706)-597-2618

Georgia Forestry (706)-595-4661

US Dept of Agriculture (706)-595-1339

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County Demography

Population (2001) 21,286

Square miles 266.3

Total Acres 166,300

Timberland in acres 109,100

Population per square mile 79.9

Per capita income $21,833

Millage Rate(2000) 21.31

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Ranking among 159 Counties

(1 best 159 worst)

Unemployment 128

Rank of High School Graduation % 107

Per Capita Income 54

Master Economic Rank 77

Tax Rate 38

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